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Alberto, Ma. Carmelita 
Senior Associate Scientist 1, Rice and Climate Change, Crop and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD)

Ali, Jauhar
Senior Scientist II – Plant breeder
Project Leader & Regional Coordinator (Asia & East Southern Africa), Green Super Rice (GSR) Project

Ayyappan, Subbanna
Member, Board of Trustees

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Bahuguna, Rajeev
Postdoctoral Fellow

Bandyopadhyay, Anindya
Scientist I - Molecular Biology, C4 Rice Center

Bairagi, Subir
Postdoctoral Fellow - Foresight Modeling and Strategic Assessment

Basford, Kaye E.
Member, Board of Trustees

Beebout, Sarah
Senior Scienitst I - Soil Chemistry, Crop and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD)

Bhandari, Humnath
Agricultural and Environmental Economist

Bigirimana, Joseph
Regional Coordinator, IRRI-East and Southern Africa

Bitoun, Remy
Head, Public-Private Engagement (PPE) office

Bouman, Bas
Director, Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP)

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Castilla, Nancy
Senior Associate Scientist, Crop and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD)

Castillo, Rowena
Manager - Project Development and Deployment, Crop and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD)

Coe, Robert
Scientist, Plant Phenomics and Photosynthesis

Concepcion, Danilo L.
Ex-officio member, Board of Trustees

Cuevas, Rosa Paula
Scientist I - Sensory Profiling

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Dar, Manzoor Hussain
Development Specialist - Agricultural Research (South Asia)

Demont, Matty
Senior Scientist I - Market Research and Value Chain

Dingkuhn, Michael
Senior Scientist II - Crop Physiology

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Godfrey, Jim
Chair, Board of Trustees

Gummert, Martin
Senior Scientist II, Postharvest Unit

Gruner, Mark
Director of Finance

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Hay, Fiona
Senior Scientist I, Genetic Resources

Henry, Amelia
Scientist II

Hettel, Gene
Senior Consulting Editor and Content Specialist

Htwe, Nyo Me
PhD Affiliate Student

Hughes, Jacqueline
Deputy Director General for Research

Hung, Nguyen Van 
Postdoctoral Fellow

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Ishimaru, Tsutomu
Senior Scientist - Plant Breeding

Islam, Mohammad Rafiqul
Scientist I - Plant Breeding

Ismail, Abdelbagi
Overall STRASA Coordinator
Head, Genetics and Biotechnology Division

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Jena, Kshirod
Principal Scientist

Johnson, David
Head, Crop and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD)

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Kim, Sung-Ryul
Scientist I - Molecular Genetics

Kotch, George
Head, Plant Breeding

Kulkarni, Gururaj Guddappa
Senior Scientist, Research Infrastructure and Operations

Kumar, Arvind
Senior Scientist II - Plant Breeding

Kumar, Virender
Senior Scientist - Weed Science

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Leung, Hei
Principal Scientist - Plant Pathology

Li, Jiayang
Member, Board of Trustees

Li, Tao
Scientist-Crop Modeler

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Manzanilla, Digna
Social Scientist, CURE coordinator and CURE gender focal point

Marcaida, Manuel III
Assistant Scientist, Crop and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD)

Meah, Nafees
IRRI Representative for South Asia

Moldenhauer, Karen
Member, Board of Trustees

Mondal, Manoranjan Kumar
Project Scientist

Morell, Matthew
Director General, IRRI
Ex-officio member, Board of Trustees

Murori, Rosemary
Scientist-Rice Breeder, IRRI-East and Southern Africa Hub

Myint, Ohnmar
MS Scholar

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Ndayiragije, Alexis
Scientist II-Rice Breeder, IRRI-East and Southern Africa Hub

Noguchi, Akinori
Member, Board of Trustees

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Oliva, Ricardo
Scientist, Host plant resistance

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Pede, Valerien
Agricultural Economist, Social Sciences Division (SSD)

Phong, Ngo Dang
Postdoctoral Fellow and Facilitator for ACIAR project in Vietnam

Piñol, Emmanuel
Ex-officio Member, Board of Trustees

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Quick, William Paul
Principal Scientist and Head of C4 Rice Project

Quilty, James
Head, Zeigler Experiment Station (ZES)

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Radanielson, Ando Mariot
Postdoctoral Fellow

Reinke, Russell
Senior Scientist a

Rickman, Joseph
Senior Scientist II and Mechanization and Production Systems Specialist

Russell, Timothy
Chief of Party, CSISA-Bangladesh

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Sackville Hamilton, Ruaraidh
Head, TT Chang Genetics Resources Center and International Rice Genebank

Sander, Bjoern Ole
Climate Change Specialist, Crop and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD)

Setboonsarng, Suthad
Member, Board of Trustees

Sharma, Sheetal
Scientist I, Soil Science/Nutrient Management - South Asia

Singh, Rakesh Kumar
Senior Scientist II, Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Biotechnology Division (PBGB)

Singh, Sudhanshu
Rainfed Lowland Agronomist, South Asia

Singh, Uma Shankar
Senior Scientist II, South Asia Regional Project Coordinator for STRASA project, and acting Country Representative for IRRI-India and -Nepal

Singleton, Grant
Principal Scientist Coordinator, Irrigated Rice Research Consortium (IRRC)

Sreenivasulu, Nese
Head, Grain Quality and Nutrition Center (GQNC)

Sudaryanto, Tahlim
Member, Board of Trustees

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Tolentino, V. Bruce J.
Deputy Director General for Communication and Partnerships

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Veettil, Prakashan Chellattan
Agricultural Economist

Vera Cruz, Casiana
Senior Scientist II - Plant Pathology

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Wassmann, Reiner
Coordinator, Climate Change Research

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Xie, Fangming
Senior Scientist and Plant Breeder

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Yadav, Sudhir
Irrigated Systems Agronomist

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Zaini, Zulkifli
Country Liaison Scientist, IRRI-Indonesia

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