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Zhai Huqu, member of IRRI's Board of Trustees

Member, Board of Trustees
(Elected: 2010-2015)

Prof. Zhai Huqu is previously the President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and is former president of Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU). As president of CAAS and NAU, Prof. Zhai was instrumental in the organizational design and reform of both institutions and developed guidelines for research and educational organization reform. His major contributions are in the areas of quantitative genetics and crop breeding research, gene location and genetics research on hybrid rice, capacity building for crop breeding programs, and science innovation.

Prof. Zhai is an academician at the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the India Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He is a member of the Chinese Society of Agronomy, Jiangsu Biotechnology Society, Jiangsu Society of Agronomy, Chinese Society of Science and Technology, and Crop Science Society. He was a recipient of the Excellent Returned Overseas Scholar Award given by the state council, the Outstanding Young Scientist Award and Excellent Professional Education Award given by the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Excellent Training Award for agricultural education.

Prof. Zhai holds a PhD in plant genetics from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Zhai Huqu

Member, Board of Trustees

(Elected: 2010-2015)

Plant Genetics and Resource Management

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