Endang Septiningsih

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Endang SeptiningsihSepti is a former molecular geneticist and breeder on abiotic stress tolerance at IRRI. She was mainly responsible for developing varieties that are suitable for anaerobic direct seeded rice (ADSR) conditions in both rainfed and irrigated rice ecosystems.

Septi led the ADSR breeding program at IRRI with the main focus on developing varieties that combine tolerance to flooding during germination (referred to as anaerobic germination) and good early seedling vigor among other traits.

Her team also focused on identifying QTLs and genes enabling germination in anaerobic conditions from several highly tolerant donors. This provides essential tools for understanding the different molecular mechanisms underlying tolerance and breeding for direct-seeded varieties that can survive flooding during germination.

Septi also served as an Adjunct Associate Professor in Crop Science Cluster, College of Agriculture, at the University of the Philippines Los BaƱos (UPLB).


  • QTL mapping, fine mapping and gene cloning
  • Marker-assisted selection and QTL pyramiding
  • Breeding improved varieties for direct-seeded systems


  • PhD minor in Plant Molecular Biology and Plant Pathology, Cornell University, Plant Breeding (2002)


  • Molecular Geneticist and Breeder, IRRI (2010-2015)
  • Molecular Geneticist, IRRI (2009-2010)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, IRRI (2005-2008)
  • Scientist, ICABIOGRAD, IAARD, Bogor, Indonesia (2003-2005)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell University, USA (2002-2003)


  • PhD Scholarship award, Rockefeller Foundation
  • Advanced Course in Plant Breeding (IAARD award), Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (IAMZ), Spain
  • Best Student Award, Department of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University


  • Member of the Society for the Advancement of Breeding Researches in Asia and Oceania (SABRAO) (2009-present)
  • Member of the International Society of Plant Anaerobiosis (ISPA) (2010-present)


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