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training for rice planting at IRRI's rice fields

It's a point of pride that most--if not all--of IRRI's scholars, upon returning to their home countries, have become policy-makers and leading scientiests in their fields. It started 49 years ago when IRRI began training future rice scientists. Since then, over 15,000 scientists have been trained at IRRI to conduct rice research.

Scholars program

Undergraduate and graduate students would be hard pressed to find another educational institute as prestigious as IRRI to engage in their studies. As a leading global rice research organization, students will have the opportunity to work with leading scientists in a world-class scientific learning center.

Brilliant and promising students take advantage of IRRI's degree programs when pursuing their MS and PhD. IRRI also offers fellowships to help rice research practitioners update their technical knowledge and hone their skills as professionals.

IRRI Research Scholar

Students who come to IRRI to earn their MS or PhD research degrees are called IRRI Research Scholars. Some students come with full support from IRRI for both “coursework and thesis,” while others come with support for “thesis only research.” They are funded either from I RRI research projects or independent scholarships and/or grant funds administered by IRRI. 

Affiliate Research Scholars

These are students from developing or developed countries who come to IRRI for BS, MS or PhD thesis research under the supervision of an IRRI scientist. They have an assured financial support from any sponsoring agency other than IRRI. There is no cost to IRRI.

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Non-degree program

IRRI also offers internship or on-the-job (OJT) training, which focuses on non-academic training opportunities for national scientists and students. These training courses can range from several weeks to one year.

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Short Courses

Finally, short training courses for rice scientists and researchers are offered at IRRI all-year round. The course fee covers the required training fees, allowance for miscellaneous expenses, board, lodging, and laundry services at the IRRI residence halls, local group medical and accident insurance, pre- and post-training allowances, local travel in connection with the training and airport pick-up/ send-off. 

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