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IRRI has been innovating rice technologies since 1960. These were proven to fit farmers' needs and the demands in rice market and prices, which are major factors in the success of technology adoption. The Social Sciences Division (SSD) ensures gathering of up-to-date and accurate information to help IRRI determine rice strategies and policies for effective technology diffusion and adoption.

SSD works at the initial formation and implementation of projects to provide feedback on product performance. The division's activities include needs assessment and targeting technology, feedback gathering from farmers through participatory approaches, diffusion acceleration, technology adoption tracking, and impact assessment.

In a nutshell, SSD serves as the link of intended users with new technologies.

Furthermore, the division provides inputs to help inform our stakeholders about IRRI's mission, programs, and achievements. SSD is also involved in the capacity-building of our NARES partners through social science research. This is done through gender analysis, ex ante and ex post impact assessment, and participatory varietal selection. Besides, SSD collects, compiles and disseminates large-scale cross-country primary and secondary data to better link and strengthen research, policy, and capacity building.

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Social Sciences Division (SSD)

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Dr. Samarendu Mohanty

Head, Social Sciences Division

Ms. Gina Zarsadias

Associate Manager, Social Sciences Division