Library and Documentation Services

Library and Documentation Services maintains the world’s most comprehensive collection of technical rice literature, which is linked to the world’s scientists via its Web site. This consists of published and unpublished documents, in print and electronic formats, written in many languages, by scientists working in many parts of the globe. The primary linkage points are the online catalog and the rice database (with more than 260,000 references to technical rice literature), which can be accessed through the library’s Web site 24 hours a day, regardless of time zone and geographical location. Hyperlinks to full-text documents are given for most entries.

Aside from rice and related subjects, LDS has a well-rounded collection of materials (print, electronic, or other formats), dealing with other subjects in the natural, social, and applied sciences. The other resources available via its Web site are e-journals, e-books, e-reference sources, online databases, other library catalogs, current awareness sources (list of new acquisitions, forthcoming conferences, and videos), International Directory of Rice Workers, journal articles by IRRI staff, and other relevant Web sites.

The services rendered to worldwide clients include current awareness, reference, interlibrary loan, computerized literature searches, electronic and conventional document delivery (free to developing countries), database management, bindery, audiovisual learning center, and training of librarians from other institutions. LDS serves as a public library to the local community as anybody can use its resources and services for free.