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Crop and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD) of IRRI

Rice producers around the world face major challenges on how to grow more rice on less land, water, cost, and labor. At the same time, farmers need to use fertilizer and pesticides in ways that do not threaten the environment and our health. In addition, climate change will make rice farming increasingly difficult in many areas in the coming years.

IRRI has done innovative research and development work with our stakeholders to cope with these challenges. The Crop and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD) leads IRRI's research in crop, soil, water, and environmental sciences to help ensure that sustainable, environment-friendly, and high-yielding rice systems are available that will improve farmers' livelihoods.

CESD programs cover disciplines on physiology, agronomy, ecology, soil science, water science, nutrient and postharvest management, and pest and disease management. These focus areas encompass all factors to help ecosystems be profitable and resilient in our future world.

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Dr. David Johnson

Head, Crop and Environmental Sciences Division