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IRRI is a nonprofit organization, which means that any funds we receive go directly to our mission toward reducing poverty and hunger, improving the health of rice farmers and consumers, and ensuring that rice production is environmentally sustainable.

We receive financial support from many donors around the world. These include governments, philanthropic foundations, the private sector, international agencies, universities, and through CGIAR.

Donor investment is fundamental to achieving our goals.

IRRI Financial Support 2014

IRRI's total revenue for 2014 was USD 99.19 million.

Donor investment is fundamental to achieving our goals and, in 2014, major donor groups included CGIAR Fund (USD 38.88 million), national governments (USD 30.16 million), philanthropic foundations (USD 15.73 million), CGIAR centers and programs (USD 4.67 million), private sector (USD 4.01 million), international organizations (USD 3.84 million), and universities (USD 0.63 million).

Our research and policies are determined by a Board of Trustees who are guided by input from our partners, donors, end users such as farmers, and our own staff.

 The Institute also receives donations through The IRRI Fund. The IRRI Fund facilitates partnerships and encourages support for rice research in Sinagpore, Hong Kong, India, Asia, and around the world. Read more about The IRRI Fund.

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IRRI's donors consist of various institutions from all over the world that believe in the Institute's mission to eradicate poverty and hunger. In 2015, our donors included:

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IRRI has spent the last five decades trying to reduce poverty and hunger, improve the health of farmers and consumers, and ensure that rice production is stable and sustainable. It is primarily through financial support from our generous donors and global partners that IRRI is able to achieve these goals.

Help us to continue looking for lasting solutions to world hunger by donating.

Your generous donation will help us continue what we have started. Together, we may yet feed the poor and all peoples in the future in a sustainable manner.

Your support can help turn this vision of a bright tomorrow into a reality.

Give to IRRI through the following:

  • Direct bank deposit

Bank Account Name: International Rice Research Institute
Bank Account Number : 6212-56654027
Bank Address : Bank of America, N.A., OUE Bayfront#14-01 50, Collyer Quay, Singapore 049321
Swift Code : BOFASG2X

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If you have ever dreamed of making a difference by helping secure the world's food, IRRI is the best place to start. Come and work for us and discover what it's like to have a purposeful, meaningful job. Build a career at one of the finest nonprofit organizations in the world. If you are looking for challenge in your work and a chance to truly help the poor, this is it.

Plus you can join us as a working scientific or development partner or collaborator. We work with both the private- and public-sector - ask us how or connect with one of our country offices for more info.

You can also join us as an on-the-job trainee, as a scholar, or discuss with us other ways you could volunteer your services from photography to donating scientific equipment! We also appreciate your help in communicating what we are doing so please join us on Facebook and Twitter or just subscribe to our updates to keep informed.

Look for positions in our jobs database

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In 2012, IRRI's Communication and Publishing Services unit streamlined the format of the annual report with the printed version now limited to a brochure format summarizing research highlights, milestones, and financial information.

The most interesting stories, composed of articles from Rice Today magazine and media releases, are highlighted to give the reader a full view of what IRRI's been up to in the past year.

Currently, IRRI also takes the lead in drafting the GRiSP annual report, having produced the first two installments in 2011 and 2012 in a traditional publication format.

Annual Report 2014

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Annual Report 2013

IRRI's 2013 annual report cover

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