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Harrar Hall was named after J. George Harrar, chair of the first IRRI Board of Trustees in 1960. The building was dedicated on 21 April 1980 and houses the main cafeteria and the IRRI Dining Room, the Food and Housing Services office, the mailroom, the travel agency office, the Guests Residence Hall, the coffee shop, and Riceworld Bookstore. Harrar Hall is located along the rotunda, between F.F. Hill Hall and Chandler Hall.

Harrar Hall

The former Ladies' Dormitory, J.D. Drilon Hall, was renovated to become the new Social Sciences Division (SSD) building on 25 April 2012. Drilon Hall was named in honor of Dr. Jose D. Drilon, Jr., who stayed with IRRI for about 10 years, serving as executive officer. As is reported later, in the days of IRRI’s founding, Drilon played a most significant role in getting a law through the Philippine Congress granting IRRI tax exemption and visa privileges on a more secure basis than was possible under the President's executive order.

J.D. Drilon Hall

Khush Hall was dedicated on 3 April 2002 in honor of Dr. Gurdev S. Khush, IRRI Plant Breeder (1966-2001) and World Food Prize laureate. It used to be called the Collaborators’ Center and it houses the Philippine offices of some other international agricultural centers and the IRRI Club. The three-story building was completed in 1979.

Khush Hall

The Ronald P. Cantrell Hall, dedicated on 13 December 2004 in honor of Dr. Ronald P. Cantrell, IRRI Director General (1998-2004), houses the Communication Office.

R.P. Cantrell Hall