Our facilities

IRRI Headquarters


Located in picturesque Los Baños in Laguna Province, Philippines, the IRRI headquarters comprises of laboratories, screen houses, glass houses, phytotron, 200 hectares of experimental rice fields, library, office buildings, a bookstore, and Riceworld museum.

The initial group of buildings was completed from 1963 to 1973, further additions were made to the IRRI complex afterward. These included several greenhouses, additional screen house space, expansion of building facilities and grounds, new space arrangements in the laboratory and administration buildings, and new houses in the staff housing area. The major additions to the complex, however, occurred after 1973.

In 1974, IRRI’s million-dollar phytotron, a gift from the Australian Government, was completed. It contains glasshouse rooms and growth cabinets where temperature, day length, and humidity can be controlled. In 1981, the phytotron building was enlarged to provide space for a rice tissue culture laboratory.

The largest addition to IRRI’s research and training operations was the Laboratory and Training Conference Center now known as D.L. Umali Hall, which was dedicated in September 1976. This was the first major addition to the original building complex as it existed in early 1962.

The offices of the Director General, Deputy Directors General, Directors, and other administrative staff are located in F.F. Hill Building.

Staff facilities on site include a medical clinic, travel agency, mailroom, gym, other sports amenities, and an international school for children.