International Crop Information System

ICIS software

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Free: The International Crop Information System (ICIS) is a freely distributable software package released as open source under the GNU General Public License. You can therefore download and use ICIS as it is, better yet, join the international ICIS community and bring in your ideas to further improve the system.

Users: ICIS is dedicated to plant breeders, genebank managers, agronomists, and other crop researchers who need to manage large volumes of information in an efficient manner. It provides an interface to MS Excel allowing users to conveniently work on spreadsheets and then save their data on a database backend for better safekeeping with the added advantage of data mining capabilities.

Integrated: ICIS offers an integrated tool to collect and track data starting from the management of seed stocks, to the creation of new germplasms, and to the field testing of succeeding generations while utilizing the gathered information to improve breeding efficiency through better crossing and selection decisions. Such information include pedigree and passport data, characterization and evaluation data, environmental data, agronomic practices, and genotypic information.

Any Crop: ICIS is like an empty shell providing a set of applications and a database schema which can be implemented for any crop. It is being developed as a general system that provides enough flexibility to cater to specific use cases for each crop such as nomenclature rules, trait ontology, and experiment design templates.