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IRRI regularly welcomes visitors including trainees, scholars, school students, journalists, scientists, VIPs, and others to participate at any of the Institute's many events. 

Institute events vary from regular seminars to workshops, trainings, conferences and special events. The Events, Visitors, and Exhibits Office (EVEO) provides direct services such as event supervision, physical set up, audio visual assistance and other logistical requirements such as arrangement for food, accommodation and transportation. EVEO assists visitors with travel to IRRI headquarters and accommodation at either our dormitories or guesthouse.

IRRI's visitors 

IRRI welcomes thousands of visitors every year, including dignitaries, scientists, students, government officials, media, agricultural technicians, and farmers to learn about rice research and the work that IRRI does. As such, the IRRI headquarters in Los Baños, Philippines is a bustling hub of activities and events ranging from seminars, workshops, trainings, conferences, and special events.

When you visit IRRI, you will be entering a fully-realized community of scientists working together to alleviate poverty through rice research. Every stop in your visit will show you the rich history and dedication of the people who call and have called this place home.

EVEO organizes and coordinates programs suited to specific interests of visitors.

Riceworld Museum and Learning Center

Riceworld is a treasure trove of rice information, designed for the general public. Its exhibits include permanent displays on the importance and influence of rice as food, as part of the environment, livelihood, and its impact on culture.

Aside from providing information on scientific research on rice, Riceworld also showcases one of the biggest collections of rice farming artifacts in the Philippines and sets up temporary rice exhibitions in local and international locations.

How to book visits

To make a reservation for a visit (individual or group) to IRRI, please fill out the Visitor Inquiry Form or you can send a formal request (by regular mail or e-mail) addressed to:

Events, Visitors and Exhibits Office (EVEO)
International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
DAPO Box 7777, Metro Manila, Philippines

Kindly indicate the purpose of the visit, date, time, number of persons visiting, name, address of the school/company/institution, and contact details of the coordinators of the visiting party (i.e. phone and fax numbers or email addresses).

Note that requests should be sent at least two weeks before the intended date of visit. Only reservations for weekdays during office hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) are accepted. The Institute is closed on weekends and holidays.

Please confirm your visit by calling EVEO two days after sending your formal request.

For cancellations, please inform EVEO at least two to three days before the actual date of visit.

How to arrange for events

Institute events can be arranged directly with EVEO through or during pre-event meetings.

Events convened by external parties can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Transport to and around IRRI headquarters

We may require visitors to pay for their own transport costs to recover our own costs for providing this service. Payment for transport may be made at the Guesthouse or with the Residence Officer if staying in the Dormitories on campus.

Estimated costs are: 

  • Transport from airport to IRRI headquarters:

- Car US$80 (one-way)

- Van US$80 (one-way)

- Coaster US$110 (one-way)

  • Los Baños trip (car/van) US$59
  • Los Baños trip (coaster) US$66

Below is a map to show you how to get to IRRI if you're bringing your own transportation.

View International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in a larger map


We may require visitors to pay for their own accommodation costs to recover our own costs for providing this service. Accommodation payment may be made at the Guesthouse or with the Residence Officer if staying in the Dormitories on campus.

Payment may be made via credit card only at the Guesthouse, Suites, and Guestrooms. Only cash payment is accepted at the Cafeteria and IRRI Dining Room. Below are estimated costs.

Estimated costs are: 

IRRI Guesthouse

  • Single, US$65 / day
  • Double, US$85 / day

Dormitories - MSSwaminathan Suites

  • Single, US$55 / night
  • Double US$60 / night

Dormitories - MSSwaminathan Guestrooms

  • Single, US$21 / night
  • Double, US $28 / night 

Dormitories - Harrar

  • Single, US$20 / night
  • Double, US $26 / night 


Guesthouse (Buffet)

  • Breakfast, US$6
  • Lunch, US$10
  • Dinner, US$12

IRRI Dining Room (Buffet)

  • Breakfast, PHP250
  • Lunch, PHP350
  • Dinner, PHP350


  • Breakfast, US$1
  • Lunch, US$2
  • Dinner, US$2

If you're travelling to IRRI HQ from abroad, here are some helpful resources and links that can guide when visiting IRRI HQ:

Visa requirements

When travelling to IRRI HQ, you need a valid passport (at least 6 months validity) with Philippine visa stamped on it. While nationals from numerous countries are allowed to enter the Philippines visa-free, please check with the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs for the visa requirements from your country of origin for the visa requirements from your country of origin. Attach your old passport, if any, to show your past travel(s) abroad.

For more information about travelling requirements to the Philippines, visit: List of Philippine embassies and consulates abroad

Have the following handy just in case:

  • Award or invitation letter from IRRI
  • Certificate of employment – particularly if this is your first travel abroad
  • Return air ticket

Health information for travellers

General recommendations for travellers to the Philippines

  • Complete the routine immunization program required by the countries.
  • Ensure that vaccinations that require updating are kept up to date, e.g. tetanus, polio, etc.

For more information on recommended vaccinations for travellers to the Philippines, visit: Recommended Vaccinations: Routine Immunizations

visiting IRRI

To learn more about upcoming events at IRRI, visit EVEO.

Tel: +63 2 580 5600 (ext 2716)