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Rosemary Murori

In collaboration with IRRI scientists and national partners, Rosemary applies conventional and modern molecular breeding strategies to develop breeding products with tolerance of major biotic and abiotic stresses, including excellent grain quality for irrigated and rainfed lowland rice in East and Southern Africa.

She is also involved in training farmers and researchers on seed production across all rice-producing areas in Tanzania and Kenya. Rosemary recognizes that, in addition to developing rice varieties that are resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses and that will enhance the resilience of farming systems, quality seed production and availability are a challenge.

Rosemary helps organize the annual regional rice breeders workshops.


  • Rice breeding
  • Participatory Varietal Selection
  • Seed production
  • Training


  • PhD in Molecular Genetics, University of Goettingen, Germany (2010)
  • MSc in Molecular Biology, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya (2004)


  • Scientist, Rice Breeder, East and Southern Africa Hub, IRRI (April 2013-present)
  • Collaborative Research Scientist, Rice Breeder, IRRI (May 2012-April 2013)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Rice Breeder, IRRI, Tanzania (May 2010-May 2012)


  • BMZ/GTZ Small Grants for International Agricultural research for "Physiological mechanisms and their variability for drought tolerance in cassava" (2008)
  • DAAD Doctoral Research Fellowship, Goettingen University, Germany (2006)
  • Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Society Award (2004)


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Rosemary Murori
Dr. Rosemary Murori

Scientist-Rice Breeder, IRRI-East and Southern Africa Hub

+2 55 687 014 817 (Tanzania)
+2 54 722 376 951 (Kenya)