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The editorial board is composed of seven professionals with wide-ranging areas of expertise. Their primary responsibility is to serve as a think tank for story ideas for the magazine that best capture the world of rice in ways that will be of interest to readers, the board includes some outstanding representatives from different areas of rice science and industry, and rice-producing regions.

Osamu KoyamaOsamu Koyama

Director, Research Strategy Office, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, Japan

Erna Maria LokolloErna Maria Lokollo

Senior Agricultural Economist, Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development, Indonesia

Pradeep Kumar SharmaPradeep Kumar Sharma

Dean, College of Agriculture, CSK Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University, India

Matthew MorellMatthew Morell

Deputy Director General for Research, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines

Marco WopereisMarco Wopereis

Deputy Director General, Africa Rice Center, Benin

Mary Jacqueline DionoraMary Jacqueline Dionora

Senior Associate Scientist, IRRI, Philippines

Gonzalo ZorrillaGonzalo Zorrilla

Executive director, Latin America Fund for Irrigated Rice, Uruguay

Bas BoumanBas Bouman

Director, Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP)

Eduardo GraterolEduardo Graterol

Executive Director, Latin American Fund for Irrigated Rice (FLAR)

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Rice Today Editor-in-Chief

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Rice Today Managing editor

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Ms. Antonette Abigail Caballero
Rice Today subscription manager

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Savitri Mohapatra (AfricaRice)
Africa editor

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Latin America editor

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Copy editor

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Art director

Grant Leceta
Designer and production supervisor

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Photo editor

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Alaric Francis Santiaguel
Jerry Laviña

Meet the Rice Today Editorial Board.

Article submission guidelines

man using laptop

Rice Today is an international magazine dedicated to the world of rice. We encourage the submission of articles that highlight the impact and importance of rice research in tackling poverty, global food security, and environmental issues. We are also looking for articles that share the latest updates in rice industry and advances in rice research and its development, extension, and adoption across the entire the industry including rice farmers, farm suppliers, and extension workers from the public and private sector, rice traders, and rice consumers. In addition, articles on the cultural and historical significance of rice such as festivals, art work, fables and legends, poetry, recipes, photographs, audio, and video materials, among other things are also accepted.

The article should be accessible to an audience across disciplines and promote conversation across different fields and practices. It should educate and inform rather than just serve as a promotional piece. Use easy to understand language and avoid using technical jargon. If technical terms cannot be avoided, explain or define them clearly, or provide a contextual meaning to the term.

Submission requirements

Articles for submission must be in English and preferably unpublished (in print or on the web). In sending work to Rice Today for possible publication, the author attests that the work is original and that he or she is the author. We expect the submitted articles to be well-written, and we encourage clarity. In submitting work to Rice Today, authors agree to the editorial policies of the magazine, including free access and use of the material published in it with proper acknowledgment of authorship and source.

Before submitting an article, please check if other materials have been written on the topic in the past few years. Does the article build on the previous topics? Does it offer something new?

So please do read and subscribe to the email version Rice Today. Review past Rice Today issues.

Rights and permission

Articles accepted for publication will be published both in print and online versions of Rice Today and possibly in other formats such as reports and posters.

Rice Today is under a Creative Commons attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License Unported. Unless otherwise noted, users are free to copy, duplicate, or reproduce, and distribute, display, or transmit any of the articles or portions of the articles, and to make translations, adaptations, or other derivative works under specific conditions. To view the full text of the license, visit http://creative commons.org/licenses/by-c-sa/3.0/.

Article format

The article should be prepared according to the following guidelines:

  1. All submitted articles must be in Microsoft Word format.
  2. The length of articles is between 800 words and 2000 words.

Sources and references

Authors must interview key people involved in the topic of the story. The final article should include quotes from those key people where appropriate and include relevant information from them. Quotes used must have been verified by those who made them before the article is submitted to Rice Today to ensure the person quoted has a chance to vet their contribution given the context of their quote.

Full contact details (including name, organization, phone, email, mailing address) of all people quoted in the article must be submitted with the article to ensure complimentary copies can be sent and for editorial checks to be done.

In addition, claims made must be referenced in-line (for example, "According to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization....")


All articles must be submitted with at least two high-resolution photographs and images (at least 300 dpi). They must be sent in a jpg form—not embedded in the Word file that contains the article.

Note to IRRI writers: Please ensure that all articles have gone through a round of comments and approval of respective scientists, quoted persons in the article, and funding agencies mentioned.


Here are the deadlines of article submission for each issue of the magazine:

  • Jan-March issue: 15 November
  • April-June issue: 15 February
  • July-Sept issue: 15 May
  • Oct-Dec issue: 15 August

Payment for authors

Rice Today is a nonprofit venture.  Most of our authors are staff working for partners of the Global Rice Science Partnership and therefore their contributions to Rice Today are considered in-kind. In general, authors of unsolicited articles submitted to Rice Today will not be paid for their contribution. In special cases, Rice Today will appoint an external writing professional to write an article and payment to the author will be negotiated.

Aricle submission

To submit your article and photos to Rice Today, please send them to along with the completed form.

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