Rice Today special issue on India: Celebrating 50 years of impact through rice research

ICAR IRRI logosThe April-June 2015 issue of Rice Today is observing 50 years of successful rice research in India and the country’s partnership with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). So, in addition to what is in the issue’s regular print version and its online counterpart, some special online-only features are presented here.


A time to celebrate, pause and reflect…
Revisiting 50 years of Indian rice research

RT India testimonials LP

Brief recollections and testimonials from a cadre of renowned Indian rice scientists and administrators espousing the exceptional partnership between India and IRRI. Compiled by Gene Hettel

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India-IRRI timeline spans the decades

timeline LP

Over the last five decades, this selection from IRRI’s historical timeline has many Indian connections tied to people and events

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 A collection of 40 stories featured in Rice Today Magazine over the past 12 years covering some of the most noteworthy events and developments in India's rice sector

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