On-farm management of applied inputs and native soil fertility

On-farm management of applied inputs and native soil fertility

D.C. Olk, P.F. Moya

These proceedings summarize the research activities completed in the first phase of the Mega Project on Reversing Trends of Declining Productivity in Intensive Irrigated Rice Systems, a nutrient management study conducted for three to four cropping cycles in five different countries of tropical Asia. At each site, participating national scientists collected data following methodologies common to all sites. Sections II and III of these proceedings contain the primary reports of biophysical and socioeconomic data collected by the national scientists. Section IV contains cross-site reports by IRRI staff. Each country report contains an introduction to the respective region, materials and methods specific to that site, results, and discussion of results. Background project information common to all country reports is provided in this section, which described the rationale, structure, and basic activities of the project.


  • Publisher: International Rice Research Institute
  • Language: English
  • ISSN: 0117-8180
  • ISBN: 971-22-0118-X
  • Pages: 224

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