‘No regret’ mitigation strategies in rice production

‘No regret’ mitigation strategies in rice production

This project will provide an innovative methodology for assessing and strengthening co-benefits of mitigation to address the problem of slow uptake of AWD and other mitigation options. The advantages will emphasize not only the water-saving feature but also better crop performance that as yet has no empirical basis but is reported to have a wealth of anecdotal evidence.

A broad range of activities will be conducted in this project to achieve target outcomes. Field experiments will be implemented to enable data collection on additional incentives of water-saving technologies to proceed from mere anecdotal evidence to science-based facts. The co-benefits of AWD will be quantitatively evaluated (specifically on reduced lodging, less fungal disease, better soil condition for mechanization). An inventory of AWD and other mitigation technology projects implemented in satellite sites will be done to obtain supplemental data confirming the co-benefits of mitigation.


  • Publisher: International Rice Research Institute
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