Rice Genetics V

Rice Genetics V

D.S. Brar, D.J. Mackill, B. Hardy

The Fifth International Rice Genetics Symposium held in 19-23 November 2005, which was attended by 710 registered participants from 38 countries and featured 26 plenary lectures in six sessions, 54 contributory papers in eight concurrent sessions, and 431 poster presentations on different aspects of rice genetics. Various sessions provided an important forum for reviewing the latest advances in rice research and for in-depth discussion and exchange of information on classical genetics, genetic diversity, molecular mapping of gene/QTLs for biotic and abiotic stresses, single nucleotide polymorphisms and novel molecular markers, applied genetics, transformation, genome organization, gene isolation, regulation of gene expression, and functional genomics. The symposium also featured four workshops: on temperate rice, reproductive biology, Oryza map alignment and alien introgression, and genetics of insect resistance.


  • Publisher: International Rice Research Institute, World Scientific
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789712202131
  • Pages: 355 pages
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