Manual for Hybrid Rice Seed Production (English)

Manual for Hybrid Rice Seed Production (English)

S.S. Virmani, H.L. Sharma

Hybrid rice technology exploits the phenomenon of hybrid vigor and involves raising a commercial crop from F1 Seeds . This technology helped China to increase its rice production from 140 million tons in 1978 to 188 million tons in 1990.

Research at IRRI and in other countries indicates that hybrid rice technology offers opportunities for increasing rice varietal yields by 15-20% beyond those achievable with improved, semidwarf, inbred varieties.

Adoption and success of hybrid rice technology will depend largely on practical seed production technology; economical seed yields from hybrid rice plots; and efficient national seed production, processing, certification, and distribution programs in the public and private sectors.


  • Publisher: International Rice Research Institute
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9712200450
  • Pages: 69 pages
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