Establishing community-based seed systems: a training manual

Establishing community-based seed systems: a training manual

D.O. Manzanilla, J.D. Janiya, D.E. Johnson

The Consortium for Unfavorable Rice Environments (CURE) seeks to develop community-based seed systems (CBSS) in rainfed rice areas as a delivery system for technologies and capacity enhancement strategies on seed health management, crop diversification, crop management options, and other demand--driven interventions. The aim is to increase productivity and enhance livelihoods.

With these in mind, CURE has developed this manual on the concept of CBSS. This publication is replete with information on the role of seed banks in rice production systems, their context, methodology, and requirements, and on delivering appropriate seed technologies and management practices to ensure seed and food security, and enhance agricultural biodiversity. Also included are seed health management techniques, crop management practices, and various technologies in seed-to-seed production systems. Further, socioeconomic/cultural dimensions are captured in the cases presented in the manual.


  • Publisher: International Rice Research Institute, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice)
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 202 pages
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