Report of the Director General, 2002-03

Report of the Director General, 2002-03

Following official confirmation of a substantial core-funding cut of 48.8% in early 2002 by Japan—IRRI’s biggest and most important donor—the IRRI BOT in April 2002 approved a nationally recruited staff (NRS) retrenchment program as part of a comprehensive remedial strategy aimed at restoring the Institute’s financial equilibrium and a balanced budget by 2004.

Before proceeding to implement the retrenchment program, IRRI obtained the appropriate legal advice to ensure that it strictly complied with all the requirements of the Philippine labor laws by (1) approving a multiplier (a factor times the number of months’ salary paid as separation per year of service) higher than the legal requirement of 0.5 month for every year of service; and (2) implementing a grievance procedure that included the creation of an appeals committee although no such mechanism is legally required.


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