Report of the Director General 2001-2002

Report of the Director General 2001-2002

Financial and staffing adjustments at the Institute will be necessary in view of unavoidable funding cuts. Management anticipates a 25 percent drop in unrestricted funding mainly because of reductions in support announced by the Government of Japan, a major investor.

Immediate steps to address the funding shortfall included a mid-2001 budget reduction of 10 percent and a reduction in internationally recruited staff (IRS) positions as well as unrestricted general operating cost (GOC) expenditures when opportunities occurred. Eight vacant—or about to be vacated—IRS positions were frozen. Since more changes are necessary, we have proposed a model for undertaking these adjustments. It is based essentially on reducing costs on items that will allow us to reach the goal of reducing our expenses by US$5 million annually. These expenses are personnel costs for both IRS and nationally recruited staff (NRS) and the GOC in research, research support, technical support, and management services.


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