Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012

The Annual Report 2012 highlights the distinctive contributions and accomplishments of the Institute. IRRI highlights a unique first-of-its-kind-event at IRRI headquarters in the Philippines, the IRRI Young Scientists Conference: Sustaining Excellence in Rice Research. The 2-day program featured around 80 presentations, which showcased the enormous breadth and depth of the innovative and high-quality research being done by IRRI’s young researchers. IRRI redefined its breeding agenda into a target-driven and product-oriented strategy to speed up adoption and be more resource efficient. Scientists has pinpointed a gene that enables rice plants to produce around 20% more grain by increasing uptake of phosphorus, an important, but limited, nutrient. IRRI’s Super Bags and moisture meters are now commercially available to help farmers store their grains properly and keep them dry to avoid losses after the harvest. IRRI achieved the cross for the first time, opening the door to producing new salt-tolerant high-yielding rice varieties. These and other research thrusts, major events and activities in 2011 are covered.

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