Media blitz

To get its message out in 2014, IRRI’s presence in both the popular and academic media was indeed momentous. More than 130 scientific articles appeared in 100 journals, many of them direct open access (see complete listing). And not since the 2008 rice price crisis was IRRI positively featured in the major popular media so regularly.


2014 media zeigler
Robert Zeigler (right) was interviewed by Tamal Mukherjee, senior producer, English current affairs, Channel NewsAsia, in IRRI's media room during the 4th International Rice Congress in Bangkok in October.

30 April. Photo of Bangladeshi rice farmers by National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson appears on the NGS Web site. Richardson was assisted in Bangladesh by Tim Russell, IRRI's chief of party for CSISA-Bangladesh.
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10 May. IRRI is featured in an important feature in The Economist about a bigger rice bowl coming from the second Green RevolutionRead article

22 May. During the World Economic Forum for East Asia, held in Manila, and broadcast by Channel NewsAsia, IRRI DG Robert Zeigler talked about Agricultural Transformation in East Asia. Read more | View the 1:10:06 discussion on WEF Web site

28 May. Coinciding with World Hunger Day, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, BGI, and IRRI publish in GigaScience an article on the genome sequencing of 3,000 rice varieties along with the release to the world of the entire dataset in a citable format in the journal's open-access database, GigaDB. Read more | View GigaScience article | View additional commentary | Read Rice Today feature

7 June. A chapter by Dr. Zeigler, titled Biofortification: Vitamin A Deficiency and the Case for Golden Rice appeared in the Springer book, Plant Biotechnology: Experience and Future Prospects. Read more

30 August. Robert Zeigler appears on Radio Australia's First Bite Program to participate in the GMO-Golden Rice debate. Read more | Access the audio (Zeigler appears in segments between 15:00 to 23:25)

16 September 2014. IRRI was featured prominently in the October issue of National Geographic magazine in an article on the next Green Revolution. IRRI staff quoted are Robert Zeigler, Glenn Gregorio, and Paul Quick. Read the article

17 September. As the debate intensified over Golden Rice in the Philippines, IRRI is featured on the PBS NewsHour as the debate grows over Golden Rice in the Philippines. Watch the 8:25 video on PBS | Read the transcript

25 September. During a Brookings Institution panel discussion on eliminating hunger by 2030, Robert Zeigler said that immediate changes in rice production practices are necessary to offset volatile climates, limited water supply, and diminishing agricultural land. Read more | Listen to podcast | View transcript

6 November. Robert Zeigler appeared on a segment of Channel NewsAsia's public affairs program, Insight, entitled The Hungry Planet.

21 November. Robert Zeigler is featured in a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece in which he is depicted as both a plant scientist and environmentalist who is growing a second Green Revolution and championing Golden Rice, which could save millions of children from blindness and death. Read more