HR: Meeting IRRI needs worldwide

2014 human resourcesOur Human Resources team is responsible for the development and delivery of initiatives to retain employees as well as attract and recruit new talent to the Institute. IRRI’s national and international staff personnel now exceed 1,400 worldwide. We have 1,266 nationally recruited staff and 163 globally recruited staff in 14 locations in Asia and Africa.

IRRI’s workplace thrives on diversity. Our employment policies provide equal opportunities for all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, social background, religion, or disability. We have 40 nationalities working to support IRRI’s global mission. We are particularly proud to be an employer that values gender equality: 40% of all our staff worldwide and 47% of our HQ nationally recruited staff are women.

In 2014, we continued to strengthen our client- and service-oriented structure to ensure a productive and engaging work environment, through revision of IRRI’s HR policies and practices. We also introduced technical developments such as an electronic job application system. Furthermore, IRRI continues to demonstrate the importance of training and development in strengthening the skills of staff and is implementing a comprehensive leadership program.

IRRI continued to offer important work-life balance activities, including organizing sporting events and health and wellness activities and providing additional facilities such as the soccer field, tennis courts, and the recently refurbished gym.