Scientific publishing: a valued IRRI tradition

Publishing in prominent peer-reviewed scientific journals is a major means of showcasing the important work of IRRI scientists and their partners. More than 1,030 articles have been published over the last 6 years. In 2013, 190 articles covering numerous disciplines appeared across a wide array of cutting-edge journals led by Field Crops Research (19 articles), followed by PLOS One (8), Molecular Breeding (6), and Phytopathology (6). See the complete list.

Among the new titles in 2013 joining the Institute’s stable of published works was the fourth edition of the Rice Almanac, the first IRRI book available for viewing on Kindle. This edition provides global coverage of issues related to rice production, from the environment to economics, and features the profiles of 81 rice-producing countries.

Since December 2007, when IRRI went into partnership with Google Book Search to provide free full-text versions of its archived scientific books, around 450 titles have generated more than 2.4 million book visits, including approximately 23 million page views and more than 160,000 full-book downloads.