Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012


Director General’s Message

The future of rice science is in good hands

Zeigler 2012ARWithout vibrant, dedicated, and caring young scientists, IRRI would not have much of a future. Indeed, rice research and the resulting progression of rice farmers and consumers out of poverty would also be threatened. So, in November 2012, we held a unique first-of-its-kind-event at IRRI headquarters in the Philippines, the IRRI Young Scientists Conference: Sustaining Excellence in Rice Research. Very timely, since 2012 marked the golden jubilee of the arrival of the first scholars and trainees at IRRI, the conference provided a venue for budding scientists to share their research across different disciplines with a wider audience. The 2-day program featured around 80 presentations, which showcased the enormous breadth and depth of the innovative and high-quality research being done by IRRI’s young researchers. I and other representatives of IRRI management were proud to pose in the photo below with the participants. The future of rice science is indeed in good hands!

I am pleased to report that the IRRI workplace is as positive, harmonious, and productive as ever—for both our young and veteran staff members. Our key asset remains our personnel who represent a wide range of disciplines, talents, cultures, and nationalities. In 2012, the IRRI workplace continued to be dynamic and exciting, with the attraction, retention, and development of high quality, motivated, and innovative staff given high priority, including many of the new young scientists I laud above. As a result, we continue to have a reputation as a Center that delivers.

In April, Bruce Tolentino began his duties as Deputy Director General (DDG) for Communications and Partnerships. In September, Bas Bouman took over the reins of the Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP) from Achim Dobermann. Achim can now focus full-time on guiding our dynamic research agenda as he continues as the DDG for Research.

Those of you who have been reading our annual report in recent years are seeing a major format change. Knowing how busy you are, we hope that the brochure on IRRI’s 2012 activities will provide you a quick glimpse of our research highlights, achievements, and financial support. The details are provided below on the IRRI Web site.


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Robert Zeigler
Director General


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