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Having been in existence for a little more than 50 years, IRRI has accumulated thousands of pages of written resources ranging from scientific papers, annual reports to essays and magazine articles. They cover almost everything you need to know about rice. Here you will find IRRI’s most recent publications.

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IRRI publications

The IRRI Library helps address information needs of researchers and scientists by providing a variety of services, collections, and technology. We are the gateway to a comprehensive and dynamic collection of rice literature in any format and language. We serve the IRRI community as the center of information where traditional and emerging information services converge.

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Management strategies for weedy rice in Asia

Management strategies for weedy rice in Asia

Bhagirath Singh Chauhan

This publication describes various cultural weed management strategies, both preventive and cultural, to reduce the problem of weedy rice in direct-seeded rice systems. This information will help researchers and extension specialists to develop programs to manage weedy rice in rice production systems.

Meta-Impact Assessment of the Irrigated Rice Research Consortium

Meta-Impact Assessment of the Irrigated Rice Research Consortium

Rejesus R.M., Martin A.M., Gypmantasiri P.

The report assesses the impact of a selection of natural resource management technologies rolled out in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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