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Stop abusing insecticides in rice

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insecticides in riceTo prevent devastating insect pest outbreaks in rice that cause millions of dollars of damage, IRRI has called for a ban on certain insecticides in rice production as part of its new Action plan to reduce planthopper damage to rice crops in Asia.

Study serves up healthy choice of rice

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riceRice consumers concerned about reports that rice is linked to diabetes can rest assured that rice can be part of a healthy diet, with scientists finding that the glycemic index (GI) of rice varies a lot from one type of rice to another, with most varieties scoring a low to medium GI.

Feeding rice just got easier with smartphones

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Nutrient Manager for Rice mobileSince its debut in the Philippines a year ago, Nutrient Manager for Rice Mobile (NMRiceMobile)—designed to give fertilizer guidelines to rice farmers via their mobile phones—is now available via smartphones with Android operating systems.