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IRRI is a leading public voice on global rice science and development. We respond to issues related to rice as they arise and provide information to help people understand, explore, and engage in these issues. Learn more about some of these hot topics, read what IRRI has to say and explore our related science.

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Herbicide-resistant rice

rice fieldHerbicide-resistant rice can make weed control much easier and cost effective, but also presents some risks that need to be carefully managed. IRRI is not developing any herbicide-resistant rice varieties, but supports the development and implementation of good stewardship guidelines for herbicide-resistant rice.

IRRI: working with the private sector

IRRI working with different sectorsIRRI was established in Los Baños, Philippines in 1960. We employ over 1,000 Filipinos and work closely with our partners in the Philippines to undertake our rice research and training, and support community activities.

Rice and a healthy diet

a Filipino kid eating riceRice is the most important human food - feeding more people than any other staple. IRRI is doing a range of research to ensure rice can contribute to the healthy diets of people around the world.

Rice prices and market

rice in the marketIRRI's work points towards keeping rice supply stable, which help keep food prices of seven hundred million poor people low and affordable. Stable rice prices means rice that can withstand production challenges, well informed rice-based policies, effective and inclusive value chain, minimal losses, and effective education of new generations of rice scientists.

System of Rice Intensification (SRI)

harvesting riceThe System of Rice Intensification (SRI) is an evolving set of practices, principles, and philosophies aimed at increasing the productivity of irrigated rice. IRRI delivers practical and proven best management practices that can by tested and used by SRI practitioners.

Golden Rice

golden riceGolden Rice is a new type of rice that contains beta carotene - a source of vitamin A. IRRI and its partners are developing Golden Rice as a potential new food-based approach to improve vitamin A status.

Hybrid rice

hybrid-rice-teaserHybrid rice is a type of rice bred from two very different parents. It has the potential to produce up to 30% more than other types of rice. IRRI does a range of research to support the development of hybrid rice.

Rice and climate change

rice field The vast majority of climate change impacts and the overall impact of climate change on rice are likely to be negative. IRRI is developing rice adapted to climate change and finding ways to reduce emissions from rice production.

Why does the Philippines import rice?

NFA riceThe Philippines is currently the largest importer of rice in the world, importing around 1.8 million tons of rice in 2008. Three main factors explain why the Philippines imports rice: land area, population growth, and infrastructure.