How will innovations in the global rice sector change the world again?

The rapid uptake of this scientific innovation known as the "Miracle Rice," and its subsequent varieties, marked the first Green Revolution and proved that agricultural innovation could change the course of history. In celebration of IR8's 50th year, IRRI has called on writers to provide their insights on the future of the global rice sector and how innovations can change the world again.

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Innovations in the global rice sector would prevent global catastrophes

Rice is well-known for its importance as a food source in many regions of the world, including the most populous continent, Asia. Therefore, an efficient rice breeding program in these areas would save millions of people, especially those in such harsh conditions as drought or potential famine. It is generally...

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Saving life, saving rice

Rice is one of the most important food crops of the world. The yield potential has been increasing over many years starting from miracle rice IR8. It is not just yield, but also other constraints that affect yield, that is, biotic and abiotic factors such as Swarna-Sub1, etc., were being...

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How will innovations in the global rice sector change the world again? (Vanchinathan)

While I am typing this essay from my rice field, where I nurture Swarna-Sub1, a submergence-tolerant rice variety, I am taking a 50-year trip down memory lane. The transformation witnessed in rice cultivation during the past five decades is astounding.

I was studying in our village primary school in...

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Miracle rice: Its second coming

“Change is coming!”

This was the mantra of many during this year’s Philippine election season. While it is too early to say that change has indeed come following the recently concluded elections, it cannot be denied that the Filipino people are indeed hungry for it. Is it safe to...

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Better farming practices can help farmers produce more and better rice, plus relax a bit

Being a farmer is not easy. The work is not from 8 to 5, there are no weekends, and fixed holidays; planting dates are not fixed like the Christmas holiday. Every season brings its own problems. Rain comes too little or too much, temperature is too hot or too cold, ...

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How will innovations in the global rice sector change the world again? (Naidu)

“The Green Revolution has an entirely different meaning to most people in the affluent nations of the privileged world than to those in the developing nations of the forgotten world”.

- Norman Borlaug

RICE is life for most people living in Asia. Rice has changed the culture, diets, ...

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Almost there: Conquering the ending topic of food sufficiency

Respect our farmers, respect food, believe in yourself, and believe in the ability of our researchers. That’s how. Because by doing so, its impact, big or small, can make a holistic difference.

It is said that food sufficiency is what makes a country progressive. This might seem funny but...

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The challenge to preserve rice culture: Rice productivity for the 21st century

We sing about it, pray over it, gift each other with it, and hold festivities to celebrate it. Over centuries it has identified who we are as individuals, as communities, and as a region. Even our oral lore and written stories across Asia contain beautiful descriptions of its cultivation, harvest, ...

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Leaving is not the best option

“Don’t worry, I can handle this. Back home, I used to clean a lot of dishes.”
“Ah, why so?”
“Because my father used to feed a humongous group during planting season.”
“So you own huge tracts of land? But why did you choose to work here?”
“No, not really. Because...

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Innovation and rice production in the face of globalization

Once upon a time, millions of years ago, a group of organisms began to evolve and ruled the world. They lived simply and were able to derive their necessities from their environment. In each stage of their existence, they became more knowledgeable on how to survive the harsh conditions they...

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Healthy rice for humanity

Food can be therapeutic. A lot of our drugs are derived from food. I should know. As a medical student, I chew and digest these things every day.

I should also know that one of the most pressing issues in public health now is malnutrition. Malnourished individuals are susceptible...

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Rice seeds, everyday miracles

It is during the times of deep struggle when miracles arise. Farmers know this best. They till their land, sow their seeds, nourish their plants, and guard them with hope that pests, diseases, drought, or flood will not put all their efforts in vain. After all the backbreaking work, their...

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A better world through rice straw

Fifty years on, the magic of IR8 is still felt in the everyday life of almost half the world’s population. No longer are we bothered about our next meal, which has been possible due to the magic of IR8. This has allowed us to focus on other purposes such as...

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Sustainable rice production: The way ahead

When Asia was on the verge of facing a famine that could have pushed millions of people to their death beds, a scientific breakthrough came to the rescue. It was a revolution against hunger—the Green Revolution—that changed the world. This revolution was largely based on the development of high-yielding rice...

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Effective strategies for changing the world through innovations in the global rice sector

Rice is a very important food crop for about half of the seven billion people in the world, particularly in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. That is a clear indication that innovations in the global rice sector can greatly make a difference in the lives of millions of people, especially at...

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Trained agricultural extension agent: A key player in changing the world with innovations in the global rice sector

Agriculture is a very significant sector of the economy of every nation in the world. Its impact on the sustenance of life and contribution to the national GDP (gross domestic product) cannot be overemphasized. However, there has been a challenge of food insecurity in many nations of the world, mainly...

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