When will Golden Rice be available to farmers and consumers?

Golden Rice is currently in advanced development having achieved the target levels of beta-carotene expected to meet 30-50 percent of the estimated average requirement for vitamin A in the population sub-groups at highest risk of vitamin A deficiency (VAD), and demonstrating yield performance equivalent to conventional check varieties in multiple environments.

Product safety testing has been completed and applications for the use of GR2E Golden Rice in food and feed, or for processing, are under review by regulatory agencies in the Philippines and elsewhere. Regulatory applications seeking authorization for the unconfined environmental release of GR2E Golden Rice in the Philippines and in Bangladesh have yet to be submitted.

Additional product testing is planned, including the evaluation of consumer quality traits and human bioefficacy studies to determine the effect of Golden Rice consumption on various measures of vitamin A status. Bioefficacy testing will be conducted by an independent third-party and only once GR2E Golden Rice has received the appropriate regulatory authorization and institutional review board clearances.

The first high yielding varieties containing the GR2E Golden Rice trait are anticipated to be available to farmers towards the end of this decade.