Have there been any significant intended or unintended, unexpected, changes in the pest or disease susceptibility of Golden Rice?

The incidence of rice diseases (e.g., bacterial leaf blight, leaf blast, sheath rot, and sheath blight) and damage from insect pests (e.g., rice bug, yellow stem borer) were recorded for GR2E Golden Rice and unmodified control rice grown at five locations during the 2017 boro season in Bangladesh. Based on these observations, there were no indications of altered disease susceptibility of GR2E rice compared to control rice, nor were there any indications that GR2E rice was a preferred host for pest insects.

Observations on the occurrence of pest and beneficial insect species were also recorded during confined field tests of GR2E rice in the Philippines. Overall, there were no indications that GR2E rice was a preferred host for pest insects or that there were any detrimental impacts on the prevalence of beneficial species.

Based on data from the aforementioned field tests, there were no indications that the genetic modification process resulting in GR2E Golden Rice had resulted in an unintended, unexpected, change in pest or disease susceptibility.