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CESD Special Division Seminar

Monday, January 30, 2017, 10:30am - 11:30am


CESD Special Division Seminar

Date: 30 January 2017, Monday: 10:30-11:30 AM
Venue: CESD Conference Room 1, DL Umali Bldg.

Title: The Rapid Phenotyping Platform: High-throughput chemical phenotyping of rice

William M. Palmer
Rapid Phenotyping Pty. Ltd.

Rapid Phenotyping Pty. Ltd. have released a novel phenotyping platform that streamlines the process of harvesting, grinding and chemically phenotyping rice grains and stems. The platform includes trackable containers to eliminate double handling of samples, a high-throughput mechanical grinder capable of grinding thousands of samples per day without the requirement for labour, and sophisticated spectral-based machine learning algorithms calibrated for numerous chemical variables (i.e. starch, sugars, carbohydrates etc.). These results are immediately delivered to users through a simple web-based user interface that can be operated with minimal to no training. Once spectral data has been collected in this way, the data can be mined retrospectively for any new chemical variable of interest.

In only 2 weeks here at IRRI 6,000 rice grain and stem samples have been dried, ground and chemically phenotyped for 8 and 11 chemical traits respectively! So, please join us on Monday to find out how this was achieved and how it can benefit your research, breeding, and knowledge.


CESD Conference Rm 1, 1/F Umali bldg.