What's happening at IRRI

Thursday Seminar

Thursday, July 07, 2016, 01:15pm - 02:15pm


Global adoption and impact of shorter rice breeding cycles: Evidence from Rapid Generation Advance

Matty Demont
Senior Scientist, Market and Value Chain Research, SSD
Bert Lenaerts
KU Leuven University, Belgium

Has public rice breeding become the victim of its own success? Shortening of breeding cycles has long been overlooked by breeders in Asia and elsewhere. The ongoing Transforming Rice Breeding (TRB) project proposed Rapid Generation Advance (RGA) as a way to accelerate public rice breeding programs. However, little is known about the potential impact of RGA and even less about the breeders who are expected to adopt this technology. In this seminar, we present the first results of a global potential impact and adoption study of RGA. First, we calculate the multiplicator effects of RGA on benefit creation of conventional rice breeding programs and apply this on a meta-analysis of impact studies. We complement this picture with a cost analysis based on current breeding operations at IRRI. Second, we characterize the global population of rice breeders (demographics, environmental conditions, resources, institutional factors, etc.) and survey their awareness, knowledge, attitudes, adoption intentions, and effective adoption of the RGA. We show that the decision to adopt the RGA is not only determined by personal characteristics of rice breeders, but also by institutional and management factors. This information helps in developing a targeted approach for disseminating the RGA technology among global rice breeders to accelerate impacts of public rice breeding programs around the world.


Havener Auditorium, International Rice Research Institute, Los Baños, 4030 Laguna, Philippines