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Seminar: CESD

Tuesday, June 21, 2016, 01:15pm - 02:15pm


Variability of the reaction of 300 indica rice accessions to change in soil environment from flooded to aerobic conditions

Dr. Jiang Yang
Ph.D. Scholar
Ecophysiology Group

Abstract: Increasing physical water scarcity is a main constraint for irrigated rice production. “Aerobic rice culture” is an emerging cultivation system that aims to maximize crop water productivity. However, “moving” rice from flooded to aerobic environment will change the plant development rate as previously shown by our team. The leaf appearance rate is a convenient and sensitive indicator for objectively documenting the status of development throughout the season, and for evaluating the growth response to various environmental conditions.
Appeared leaf number of a pre-indica panel with 304 varieties grown under flooded and aerobic environment was recorded weekly on 5 consecutive plants in each plot. Leaf appearance rates were compared by dissecting the 5 parameters of the bilinear model used. Other related traits and yield were also investigated.
Leaf appearance rate was generically slower in aerobic environment resulting to a lower number of leaves per stem. No variety x cropping system interaction was clearly observed and consequently no variety has shown lower reaction on the rate of leaf appearance to the change of environment.
Though leaf appearance rate was modified in aerobic environment, it currently seems that there is no usable variety difference in the reaction of the leaf appearance kinetics to the aerobic environment within the indica panel.


CESD Conference Room 1, DL Umali Bldg.