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SSD-Training Center Joint Seminar

Friday, May 20, 2016, 10:00am - 11:00am


"The CGIAR Capacity Development Community of Practice: Past, Present and Future"

Iddor Dror, Ph.D.
Head of Capacity Development
International Livestock Research Institute

In CGIAR, approaches to – and overall focus on – capacity development have evolved significantly since the group was established in 1971. As an overall trend, capacity development has gradually shifted its focus from central research support services such as the training programs of the 1970s and 1980s to capacity development elements mainstreamed across individually funded research projects and programs. Another important challenge to CGIAR capacity development is related to the fact that CGIAR donors have demonstrated increased interest in funding CGIAR research for the development results it contributes to rather than for research results. The growing interest of linking funding to demonstrated development results has increased incentives for CGIAR Centers and CRPs to increase – to the extent possible – the degree of control and influence they have over uptake and application of their research products and, ultimately, over the development outcomes for ultimate beneficiaries their research is intended to contribute to. The CGIAR Strategy and Results Framework 2016 - 2030 (SRF), (re)affirms Capacity Development (CapDev) as a strategic enabler of impact for both CGIAR and its partners. In the SRF, CapDev is a cross-cutting issue, with a dedicated section, and linked to explicit Intermediate Development Outcomes (IDOs) and sub-IDOs. This holistic view of CapDev, which “goes far beyond the transfer of knowledge and skills through training, and cuts across multiple levels –individual, organizational and institutional”, is in line with these broader donor-driven expectations from the CGIAR to ensure greater downstream delivery of development outcomes.

Against this background, a Capacity Development Community of Practice (CapDev CoP) was established in 2013 by several CG Centers to collectively discuss and work on strategic CapDev matters across the system. With a first task to bring a community together, and a first concrete emerging in 2015 with the publishing of CGIAR Capacity Development Framework that now guides the formulation of capacity development elements in second phase proposals for CRPs, and ongoing work on CapDev indicators for the CRP2. Iddo Dror, Head of Capacity Development for ILRI, and current Chair of the CapDev CoP steering committee, will share some of the process that led the group till date, some of its current activities, and plans for the CRP2 phase.

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