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Seminar: SSD

Tuesday, May 26, 2015, 10:00am - 11:00am


Innovations for climate risk management in rice production systems in South Asia

Dr. David J. Spielman
Sr. Research Fellow


Dr. Patrick S. Ward
Research Fellow
IFPRI - India

Abstract: Climate change has the potential to seriously impact rice production throughout South Asia, most especially in rainfed rice production systems. While climate change is certainly expected to affect weather normals, perhaps the greatest risks arise from changes in the frequency of what are presently climate extremes. The two greatest extreme events that threaten future rice production are droughts and floods. Recent efforts to develop rice cultivars with characteristics tolerant to these stresses have resulted in the release of several varieties that demonstrate significant resilience to droughts and floods. But these varieties may ultimately prove to be of little value unless they are actually adopted by farmers in these risk-prone ecologies. Additionally, while these technological innovations may provide yield benefits relative to non-tolerant varieties, the yield benefits are both non-absolute as well as stochastic, implying residual risks not addressed directly by the varieties. In this seminar, IFPRI researchers David J. Spielman and Patrick S. Ward will present some of the results of their research program coordinated under the Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA). Their results provide insight into the heterogeneous nature of demand for stress-tolerant rice cultivars and hybrids, with conclusions suggesting pathways by which rice seed markets can be segmented along various dimensions. They also provide insight into how the risk-reducing benefits of these stress-tolerant varieties can be bundled with complementary risk management tools to provide near-comprehensive protection, particularly against drought risk.


SSD Conference Hall, Drilon Hall