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Joint Seminar: CESD and SSD

Tuesday, May 19, 2015, 01:15pm - 02:15pm


Economic, social and environmental sustainability assessment of mechanisation in rice harvesting

Brechje Maréchal
Environmental Sustainability Specialist
Crop and Environmental Sciences Division

Abstract: The increasing trend of mechanisation in rice farming is driven by the need to produce more food more efficiently. A change to mechanisation will have economic, social and environmental impacts that need to be assessed before such changes can be promoted and adopted as a sustainable solution. The impact of mechanised rice harvesting has been considered within the context of the Sustainable Rice Platform and the CORIGAP projects. A comprehensive literature and methodology reviews were undertaken to outline how economic, environmental and social factors related to harvesting rice can be assessed in an integrated way.

The aim is to develop a way to assess the effect of mechanisation on the sustainability of the rice value chain. It is argued that this kind of integrated assessment should be part of the research and development processes to assess whether changes in agriculture, that have shown positive results in experiments, will also contribute to actual improvements in the life of rice farmers.

The presentation summarises the findings of the literature and methodology reviews and outlines the next steps towards finalizing a sustainability assessment framework.


SSD Conference Room, Drilon Hall