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Seminar: CESD

Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 01:15pm - 02:15pm


A model using additive log-transformed yield components
to analyze GxE effects in sugarcane

Eric Gozé
Biometrician & Agronomist
Agro-ecology and Sustainable Intensification of
Annual Crops Research Unit

Abstract: A simple method for analyzing yield components relies on a logarithmic transformation of the yield and its components. The variance of each log component determines its potential contribution to the yield while the covariances with the other components compute for the plasticity compensation influenced by the other components. A multivariate analysis of the variance on seven log transformed sucrose yield components from 155 sugarcane accessions in two sites with contrasted photo-thermal conditions was performed along with a regression analysis of the sucrose yield and yield components on the estimated proportion of S. spontaneum in the accessions’ genome. The respective contributions of the major yield components to sucrose yield and the effect of the estimated proportion of S. spontaneum on sucrose yield were found to significantly vary across different sites.


Rm A, Umali Bldg