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Seminar: PBGB

Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 02:00pm - 03:00pm


Weedy rice for breeding and genetics studies

Dr. Prasanta Subudhi
School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences
Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

1400-1500H, Wednesday, 18 March 2015
Umali Room A


Weedy rice infestation in commercial rice fields result in loss of both rice yield and quality. It is an annual conspecific weed relative of cultivated rice with high degree of genetic diversity and phenotypic plasticity. Its compatibility with cultivated facilitates synthesis of unique genetic materials for genetic analysis of complex traits. Cultivated rice and weedy rice differ with respect to a number of agronomic and domestication traits, which can be studied systematically using the genetic and genomics resources such as RIL and CSSL populations and whole genome sequence data. Appearance of novel phenotypic segregants in cultivar x weedy rice cross suggests that weedy rice could be an ideal model for analyzing genetic interactions. Understanding the genetic basis of hidden diversity underlying both agronomic and domestication traits will facilitate exploitation of weedy rice in rice breeding program.​


Rm A, Umali Bldg