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Seminar: CESD

Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 01:15pm - 02:15pm


New insights into the physiological mechanisms
of drought resistance in rice

Alex Grondin
Post-doctoral fellow
Drought Physiology Group

Abstract: Significant efforts have been made to develop rice varieties resistant to drought through breeding programs or transgenic approaches, but little is known about the physiological mechanisms involved. A number of traits have been proposed to be beneficial under drought stress, and it is likely that these traits are interacting together to confer drought resistance in field conditions. This presentation will highlight research aimed to characterize physiologically drought yield QTL lines from a cross between Moroberekan and Swarna, and transgenic lines transformed with a gene potentially involved in drought resistance. I will present results linking an original root system architecture in the QTL lines on one hand, and somaclonal variations in the transgenic lines on the other hand, to yield performance under drought. Furthermore, the characterization of aquaporin (water channel) function in root water fluxes and their role in leaf water content and transpiration will be discussed. Altogether, the knowledge resulting from our studies involving breeding, transgenic and functional genomics approaches could help in efficiently combining different QTLs/genes to improve drought resistance and to avoid trade-offs under favorable conditions.


Room A, Umali Bldg