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Philippines issues GM food safety reminder

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The Philippines issues a statement about the safety of GM food in the country.


Meeting global experts on Hidden Hunger at international congress

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IRRI's Dr. Gerard Barry reports back from the recent International Congress on Hidden Hunger, an important gathering of people from around the world working on micronutrient malnutrition.


Multi-location field trials of Golden Rice

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The Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) is now conducting multi-location field trials of Golden Rice in five sites in the Philippines.


From the field: Confined field test leads to PhilRice's first Golden Rice harvest

Written by // Dr. Antonio Alfonso Categories // Golden Rice blog

Not long ago, I quietly stood at a corner overlooking a small fenced-in area containing our first outdoor experiment, or confined field test, on Golden Rice. I remember feeling a sense of excitement and anticipation as I looked forward to picking mat


Golden Rice booth to rise at crop science conference

Written by // Aileen Garcia Categories // Golden Rice blog

The Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) are teaming up to exhibit at the 21st Scientific Conference of the Federation of Crop Science Societies of the Philippines (FCSSP) on May 9-1, 2011.


Golden Rice: a social review

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A new article by social researcher Sally Brooks examines Golden Rice.


Clarifying recent news about Golden Rice

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Golden Rice will only be made available broadly to farmers and consumers in the Philippines if it is approved by national regulators and shown to reduce vitamin A deficiency in community conditions. This process may take another two years or more.


Golden Rice in the news

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New research shows that beta carotene in Golden Rice is as good as beta carotene in oil at providing vitamin A to children.


Breeding hardy, high-yielding, and nutritious Golden Rice for Bangladesh

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I grew up in an urban area of Bangladesh. I learned about planting and growing crops, breeding, genetics, and other important agricultural subjects only when I entered the Bangladesh Agricultural University to become a plant breeder.


Potential benefits of Golden Rice highlighted in recent media articles

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Last month we announced that a new partner has joined our work to further develop and evaluate Golden Rice as a potential tool to reduce vitamin A deficiency.


Women, health, and Golden Rice

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Vitamin A deficiency is most prevalent among young children and pregnant and lactating women. Find out how Golden Rice may help.


Two seasons of Golden Rice trials in the Philippines concluded

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Here's an update from our partners at the Department of Agriculture - Regional Field Unit 5 on the occasion of the regional launch of the National Year of Rice 2013.


The Golden Rice FAQ page

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Look here for answers about Golden Rice!


Golden Rice showcased at science conference in the Philippines

Written by // Aileen Garcia Categories // Golden Rice blog

PhilRice and IRRI teamed up to exhibit Golden Rice through posters, photos, and video presentation during the FCSSP 21st National Scientific Conference held in Legaspi City in the Philippines from 9-14.


Golden Rice - an opportunity to help

Written by // Dr. Robert S. Zeigler Categories // Bob's blog

For more than 50 years IRRI has been working to improve the lives of rice farmers and consumers by delivering improved varieties of rice. Golden Rice is an incredible innovation that we are proud to now be working on.

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