Science magazine editorial stands up for Golden Rice

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Eleven eminent scientists from around the world have coauthored an editorial, “Standing Up for GMOs,” focusing on Golden Rice. It appears in this week’s edition of Science magazine, and one of the editorial coauthors, Jim Peacock, former chief scientist of Australia, elaborates on it in an ABC news radio interview and article.

The editorial expresses outrage at the recent destruction of our Golden Rice field trial in the Philippines by vandals. It also summarizes the extensive health consequences of vitamin A deficiency and the contribution that Golden Rice could make to addressing it, if it becomes available.

The closing statement of the editorial is this: “We, and the thousands of other scientists who have signed the statement of protest, stand together in staunch opposition to the violent destruction of required tests on valuable advances such as Golden Rice that have the potential to save millions of impoverished fellow humans from needless suffering and death.”

As IRRI and its partners continue to evaluate Golden Rice in compliance with biotechnology regulations in place here in the Philippines and other countries where we work, we’re grateful for this and all other statements of support that we continue to receive from around the world.