Philippine science academy deplores sabotage of Golden Rice trial

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Today the National Academy of Science and Technology Philippines issued a statement regarding the recent vandalism of the Golden Rice field trial in the Philippines. We're grateful for their support of our work.

Here is the full text of their statement:

The National Academy of Science and Technology Philippines deplores the disruption of the multilocational field experiment by anti-GMO elements who uprooted the month-old transplanted golden rice plants in Pili, Camarines Sur on 08 August 2013.


NAST considers this as an act of sabotage of a lawfully and responsibly-conducted scientific experiment. This disruption is also an act of disrespect for the cause of scientific inquiry and disregards the hard work that has been invested in reaching this stage of the research.

This field experiment would have been one of the thirteen multilocational trials started in 2012 in different parts of the Philippines. Thus far, no adverse environmental effects have been reported on the nine completed field trials. The golden rice crop that was sabotaged was the third such planting in the same site since March 2012.

Rather than use unfounded fears in making a decision, the scientific data from the sabotaged experiment would have provided the third set of solid observations about the field performance of golden rice.

NAST regrets very much that the anti-GMO elements who destroyed the plants have caused the needless waste of time, effort, and materials in a lawfully-conducted scientific inquiry.