Farmers, farm women or farmers’ wives?

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Women play an important and active role in farming. There is no doubt about that. When scouring through current literature however, what is most noticeable is how we have tried to define women’s involvement in agriculture; their roles and responsibilities.

We talk of the triple burden on women- intersectionality, impact of patriarchy especially ‘classic patriarchy’, and agency while assessing the extent of women’s involvement in agriculture. In the case of India, one positive aspect is that we do see that women have moved and continue to move ahead. In essence, their access to information and resources has improved. They have access not only to information and training but also to loans and are sometimes even members of self-help groups. While this is not the general state of affairs, we can infer that things are in fact improving for women, at least in some aspects.

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Sujata Ganguly

Sujata is a gender specialist at IRRI India.

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