'Science' features C4 rice

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IRRI’s William Paul Quick discusses the progress and science behind the creation of C4 rice in a paper published in Science.

In his article, The Development of C4 Rice: Current Progress and Future Challenges, Paul and his colleagues discuss how C4 rice could break through rice's current photosynthetic limitations and yield ceilings and help deliver long term food security.

They are identifying and engineering genes necessary to install C4 photosynthesis in rice, to introduce a higher-capacity photosynthetic mechanism, or the C4 pathway, in rice.

An improved photosynthetic capacity will lead to increased potential yield and decrease in use of resources like water and nutrients.

If they succeed in developing C4 rice, majority of the world's population, who depend on rice as staple, will benefit in a rice that has broken through yield barriers and is able to meet demand with production.


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Liz Baroña-Edra

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