IRRI’s research says GI varies a lot across rice types

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Our grain quality experts' research, which revealed the GI of 235 varieties of rice including 143 traditional varieties and 92 modern varieties, is now online! We found it so interesting we even wrote a media release about it: Study serves up healthy choice of rice.

Dr. Melissa Fitzgerald's team found out that there was large variability in GI between the different varieties of rice – ranging from a low of 48 to a high of 92, with an average GI of 64.

Out of fears from earlier media reports that rice causes diabetes, this research serves as a rationale source of information to provide rice eaters with options on how to keep rice in their diet, alongside healthy other food sources. The varieties tested in the study came from a number of different rice-growing countries from around the world to get a representative sample of the complete diversity of rice.

This finding will help rice researchers understand rice GI better, which is a valuable base knowledge in developing low-GI rice.


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Liz Baroña-Edra

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