IRRI agronomy challenge: birds, rats, and more rain

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Leigh Vial talks to Grant Singleton about rat control.

Leigh Vial discusses seedling establishment.
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Jan 13th: Feeding the birds...

The areas that birds have eaten, and the low-lying areas that were underwater too long, are both in need of some help. Our last resort is to transplant a few seedlings from the thick areas to the bare areas, but I am too lazy for that, so I seeded these areas again before it is too late. Being within a week, these younger seedlings should still be able to be protected and fertilized along with the rest of the field. The low-lying areas are still muddy, so hopefully they will take, but I doubt the bird-eaten areas will progress – too dry now. We will need rain to make this work, and all of a sudden the atmosphere has dried-up and a wind set in.



Jan 15th: Rain!

Perfect. A rain arrived just in time to settle the new seed in. I think the re-seeding will work now. Alas, the birds had another feast in one strip down the edge. Chancing your arm on the weather and wildlife is invigorating and makes you get out of bed in the morning.

So far, no weeds have emerged, which helps the re-seeding. We can just think about birds, snails, birds, water, fertilizer...and birds. Not a rat in sight yet.


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