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K.L. Heong, former scientist at IRRI

Dr. Kong Luen "K.L." Heong was a senior scientist at IRRI responsible for research on arthropod ecology and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

K.L. is an insect ecologist with many years experience working in Asia. He is recognized internationally as an authority on science, technology and implementation of pest ecology, farmers’ decision making, and sustainable pest management. He has authored or co-authored over 250 scientific papers and three books on pest management in rice and has received numerous awards from various academic, government and international organizations. He is a Fellow of the Third World Academy of Science (TWAS), a Fellow of the Academy of Science, Malaysia (ASM) and a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS).

K.L. provided strategic leadership in pest management research and the implementation of IPM and ecological engineering methods for sustainable management of rice pests in Asia.


  • Environmental sustainability research
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Ecological engineering and ecosystem services research
  • Sociology of farmers' decision making and communications
  • Insecticide toxicology 


  • DSc in Ecology and Sociology of Pest Management, University of London, UK (2000)
  • PhD in System Analysis, Pest Management, Imperial College, London, UK (1986)
  • MSc in Applied Entomology, Imperial College, London, UK (1979)


  • Insect ecologist, IRRI (1988-2013)
  • Entomologist, MARDI (1973-1987)


  • Merit Medal for the Cause of Science and Technology Development of Vietnam (2010)
  • Second prize Global Development Award for best research paper (2009)
  • Entertainment- education to communicate to farmers, Kuwait Development Fund (2009)
  • One World Broadcasting trust, Special commendation for communication innovation (2008)
  • Dubai International Award for “Best Practice”, Top 100 best practices for Campaign to motivate farmers reduce seeds, fertilizer and pesticides (2008)
  • COM+ Communications Award for communicating Science for the People and the Planet, Alliance for Communication for Sustainable Development, Radio soap opera for rural Vietnam (2007)
  • Third World Academy for Science (TWAS) Prize for Agriculture (2006)
  • World Bank Development Marketplace Award (2005)
  • Golden Rice Award – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam (2003)
  • Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practices, UK (2003)
  • Excellence Award for Plant Protection - Malaysian Plant Protection Society (2003)
  • Charles Black Award for exemplary contributions to public understanding in food and agricultural sciences – US Council for Agricultural Sciences and Technology (2003)
  • St Andrews Prize for Environment, University of St Andrews, UK (2002)
  • Golden Rice Award - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam (2002)
  • Gold Medal for Agriculture Development in Vietnam - Government of Vietnam (1996)


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